Avatar based multiplayer Kinect game

Multiple screens, each equipped with a Kinect gesture based system and stereoscopic vision, allow for a fun, addictive and immersive multi-person game. Players interact with each other live and across the screens… an ideal attraction for a trade fair booth.

Tailor made game design

Trade fairs or experience centers want to wow the customer. Embedding the message you want to communicate into a tailor made multiplayer game achieves two goals: the visitor is intrigued, has fun and gets the message in a non-traditional way. By designing the game’s targets, characters and environment, we can create a unique experience that boosts brand awareness and gives visitors something to talk, tweet or chat about.

Full body virtual presence

Because each screen has its own Kinect system, every player is fully attached to his/her virtual character. Your body is in full control of the avatar and gestures are instantly relayed to the 3D character on the screen. Because several visitors are standing next to each other, this leads to hilarious interactions, especially since everyone operates in a shared space. Moreover, the screens are stereoscopic, so the experience is truly immersive.

Branded experience

Every part of the design - avatars, virtual environments, graphics and animations - can be branded to your corporate guidelines, including the company logo and colors. If your company has a mascot, the avatars can be designed similarly.