Smart fridge

A fridge that not only shows you what is inside, but also advises you on the best options for your diet. With caloric values, ingredients and alternative meals. And a screen that doubles as a digital whiteboard, displays your to-do’s and appointments and even lets you hold a video chat.

See what’s in store

The transparent LCD door of the fridge let’s you see the content without opening the door. Because it’s a display, it is ideally placed to become the digital hub of your kitchen. With an intuitive user interface, the touch screen acts as a big notepad, a video communication device, a to-do list, a calendar, etcetera. But first and foremost, it can be your diet buddy…

Counting calories

The fridge can assist you in keeping to your diet. Selecting food from the fridge will update the calories counter, allowing you to adjust your meal composition if need be. In combination with a recipe repository, this function can assist you in day-to-day healthy cooking and eating. Possible extensions could be the integration of a photo spectrometer to determine the nutritional values of different food stuffs.

A platform to build on

The technology behind the smart fridge is built on standard hardware platforms, allowing for the integration of a variety of sensors, RFID readers, weighing scales, and so on. Moreover, the smart fridge can be networked to the smart mirror, so that each user’s physical parameters like body mass index, can be part of the caloric calculations.