Virtual mall

A truly virtual window on the mall of the future. Offering a unique shopping experience while waiting for a train or taxi. Touch based browsing through 3D products and switching shops with a touch interface. All with the same intuitive flow from selection to payment.

Intuitive virtual shopping

A huge touch screen provides access to the full (virtual) retail outlet in a very store-like fashion. You swipe through rows of products as you are used to seeing in a physical store. You pick up the products and drop them into the shopping basket. The products are 4K high resolution 3D scans (even the small print is readable), giving your shopping experience a very familiar touch.

A true mall

There can be more than one store behind the touch screen, so you can easily switch from groceries to shoes to books to pharmaceuticals, depending on which retail chains participate in the project. Even when switching stores, a single shopping basket remains active and you only need to pay once. The integrated payment system makes it a swift and user friendly experience.

Front and back

The sophisticated real-time 3D front end can be interfaced to different back offices, depending on the retailer’s ERP systems. Obviously, the product data and pricing come from the back end. The 3D image scanning of products can be offered as a separate service. The look and feel of the virtual store can be customized to the retailer’s corporate guidelines and branding.

Virtual and physical combined

Apart from the obvious locations for a virtual mall - like in train stations or airports - the virtual store can be implemented in existing retail outlets, to complement the physical goods inventory with products that are not kept on display or that deviate from the store’s main focus. It can boost turnover and reduce queuing at the checkout.