Internal communications

Een dynamische organisatie gedijt op efficiënte interne communicatie. En vraagt om een cross-mediale aanpak om alle medewerkers optimaal te bereiken. We bedenken, ontwerpen en bouwen de juiste content voor elke doelgroep.

Company-wide communications

Every company has its own structure, strategy and international diversity. But employees share a common need: to be informed, to be part of the team and to feel proud of their work and their company. A holistic approach to internal communications requires the right tools to reach everyone, from a new hire, a seasoned production worker, a lab technician or an office clerk. Different surroundings, different levels, different communication channels.

With cross-media tools

Because of our decades of experience in working for multinational organisations, we know how to involve and empower your employees through a broad range of digital communication tools. We work with you to develop campaign concepts, offer presentation support, produce videos, create e-learning, build interactive and immersive applications, design web based content and apps... We are your one-stop-shop for all your digital deliverables.

Across all channels

Many companies communicate with their employees through a variety of channels: intranet, internal magazine, group presentations, micro-sites, banners and posters, mobile apps, digital signage screens, topical exhibitions and the good old bulletin board. We mold your message in the right format for each of these distribution channels.