AI assistants

Geef uw beursstand, experience center of museum een eigen persoonlijkheid. We ontwerpen uw assistent op maat die vragen kan beantwoorden, bezoekers begeleiden, uw verhaal vertellen of gewoon indruk maken op de menigte door zijn intelligentie.

Meet Eva, John, Jack or Jill

Our assistants are tailor made. Their design adheres to your corporate guidelines and you can give them the name and characteristics you desire. They can be as simple as a textual chat box host or as sophisticated as a 3D avatar in a virtual world or on a transparent screen. Manning your exhibition booth, reception desk, demo room, museum exhibit or website.

Multilingual techno-speak

Your assistant can speak your language. Or any other language. Literally but also in terms of vocabulary. We can train your AI assistant to hold conversations on your products or services, using the right terminology and jargon that your product marketeers or technicians would use.

Personal guides

Your AI assistant can live in the real world too. In an augmented reality (AR) world that is. An app featuring your assistant, installed on a phone or tablet, will guide visitors in your booth or demo center, pointing out exhibits and telling all about them.

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