Animated infographics

We know how to turn concepts that are relatively abstract, dry or full of numbers and charts into edu-taining animated infographics. Snappy and fun, with figures that come to life, charts that transform into objects or strategies that build up step by step.

Communication dynamics

If a picture tells a thousand words, an infographics animation tells a million. As people’s attention span shrinks every year, getting your message across requires captivating and efficient methods. Animated infographics tell a story and beat boredom. Charts build up and transform, timelines fly by, products morph into market shares, characters pop up to do the talking.., the possibilities are only limited by the budget.

From script to drawing board

Each infographics animation starts with a conceptual design and a script. The message governs the “what”, the creatives devise the “how”. We propose a look & feel, in line with your corporate identity, and a storyboard. Once those are approved, the graphics designers and animators go to work to bring motion to the message. Because of their experience in corporate and industrial work, they know all about corporate culture and do’s and don’ts.

Cross-media deployment

Because of our one-stop-shop offering, we can deliver the infographics animation across on-line and off-line media. Whether uploaded to YouTube, the corporate website or the learning management system, we supply the right format. Or we can integrate the animation into PowerPoint or other presentation tools, turn it into an interactive experience, or build an augmented reality application around it.


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