Rooting for a new IT platform

Animations, banners and a leaflet to get Galderma employees ready for a big IT change.


As Swiss pharma company Galderma parted ways with Nestlé, a global IT Transformation Program was initiated to build an independent IT platform. Getting all Galderma employees on board was critical, and that’s where we came in, creating various assets for a company-wide communication campaign.

A first animation and a set of email banners were designed to generate awareness and excitement. Next up was an explainer movie with all the practical ins and outs, timelines and to-dos. This came with a handy one-pager for employees to refresh their memories. As the IT transition came in effect, a third animation proudly introduced the new platform. And finally, a “Thank you” movie gathered first reactions of employees, ready to explore the benefits of the new IT environment.

To really get the message across to Galderma employees all over the world, all assets were delivered in seven languages.