Experiencing the machine

Learning app showcasing new machines in 360°.


Imagine you are launching a new product: a premium excavator for example. How can employees from around the world get a closer look? Have a product specialist travel to where the machine is, and capture him on camera while he walks around it and explains? That’s how it was done in the past. Now, you send in our crew to shoot 360° footage and have us transform it into an immersive visit in and around the machine. Viewers can simply access the app, select a machine and start exploring. Looking around in 360° is done by swiping on a tablet or smartphone, or by using foldable VR goggles for a more complete experience. Clickable hotspots and a voice-over enlighten you on all the features.

The app features multiple languages and tailored content for specific regions. While the full version is for registered CAT employees only, a non-confidential ‘guest’ version is also available.

The Caterpillar Learning app is freely available in the App Store.

Caterpillar experiencing the machine screens

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