The mobile sustainability game

Mixing fun, engagement and interaction to spread the message of sustainability.


Masdar wanted to educate young people on the importance of a sustainable and balanced energy sector. With the target audience in mind, we created a mobile game that engages and educates.

The goal of the game is to help the people of Planet Masdar build a sustainable city. Players have to plant wind and solar farms as well as food production units in suitable tiles. However, the planet is small and has limited resources. So the key is to balance sustainable energy generation with activities that provide the people of Planet Masdar with essentials like food and water. Only then will they thrive and will their planet endure.

Built for iOS and Android, Planet Masdar is available for most popular mobile devices through the App Store and Google Play, exposing a young and unaware audience to the crucial message of caring for our planet, in a fun and interactive way.

Masdar sustainability game
Masdar sustainability game G1
Masdar sustainability game G2
Masdar sustainability game G3

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