In-house advocates

In their search for new talent, Clifford Chance let coworkers do the talking.

Clifford Chance

If you're looking to attract new law graduates to your team, why not introduce them to your most valuable asset: your own staff? In this recruitment video, employees of Clifford Chance share their personal experiences of the company culture, business opportunities, and clientele. Diversity, a welcoming environment, genuine team spirit, challenging legal issues, and high-profile clients are even more appealing when explained by those who know the company inside out.

We filmed the interviews in the serene surroundings of Clifford Chance's contemporary offices, which not only enhances the message visually but also reflects the company's sophisticated yet informal atmosphere. This approach ensures that potential candidates get a true sense of what it's like to work at Clifford Chance and encourages them to join a team of talented legal professionals.

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