The digital era revolutionizes the packaging industry

Capitalizing on the connection consumers make between product packaging and the brand, O-I launched their new service O-I: EXPRESSIONS.


“If you can imagine it, it can be done”
- Michael Owens

What happens when consumers demand superior brand experiences? Businesses adapt their marketing strategies to give their consumers exactly what they want! Staying true to their motto, O-I Europe launched this new service to help brand owners keep up with this current consumer trend.

O-I: EXPRESSIONS offers brands a smart solution to engage with consumers through bespoke glass packaging. Combining the benefits and heritage of glass with direct2glass printing, brands can choose from an infinite range of colours and effects, to create unique glass bottle designs. These designs can be tailor-made for consumers in different regions, markets, events or even a single bottle.

Through this launch, we worked closely with O-I Europe to bring their vision on-screen. We created a sales deck, a micro website and a short video demonstrating how this creative concept enhances consumer experience.

O I Expressions slides

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