Online catalog promotes capabilities

Reinventing a product catalog to prove premium capabilities.


When we created the glass catalog for O-I Europe some years ago, it was rolled out all over the world to great acclaim. To stay on top of their game, O-I recently asked us to create a new version for the European market. Not a redesign, but a new build from the ground up.

Spotlight on O-I

In a competitive market it’s crucial to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Since O-I is the go-to manufacturer for glass containers with a premium look and feel, the new website also needed to put the spotlight on O-I’s profile, capabilities and experience.


The new glass catalog is far more than an overview of glass containers and their technical specifications. With dedicated sections for market trends, innovations and success stories, the new website is packed with inspiration. Rich imagery provides proof points for O-I’s unique capabilities, making the new glass catalog both a product inventory and a powerful marketing tool.

Improving on what is good

The catalog of glass containers that was the basis of the old website’s initial success has of course been retained and improved. It now features more advanced filter options and a more user-friendly search function. A personal profile area allows users to store comparison lists and their favorite products, for which they can easily download a custom PDF thanks to a simple feature.

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