Dairy equipment manufacturer website

A new online presence that sets a new bar for user-friendliness.


Dairy equipment manufacturer Boumatic turned to us to bring its various online presences together in a new and refreshed online platform.

We created a highly visual design based on Boumatic’s corporate colors, with lots of photos for easy recognizability. Icons take the place of intro texts, telling visitors at-a-glance where the information they are looking for can be found. Of course, we optimized the design to be responsive so that the site looks good on every device, mobile or not.

User-friendliness was a big factor, since the website also serves as a central repository of technical, sales and other information. We limited the page depth to enable visitors to find information within a couple of clicks, by restructuring the assets from legacy portals and subsidiary websites.

As an innovator, Boumatic frequently needs to update its website with new products and services. That’s why maintainability was another important prerequisite, which we solved by pairing the website to a powerful and intuitive content management system.

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