Video brings crops to life

Bayer CropScience: the greenhouse at a glance.


Bayer CropScience, one of the world’s leading companies in crop protection, wanted to familiarize people with its activities. They came to us for an informative video. The challenge? Merging the hustle and bustle of a busy science lab with the peace and quiet of a greenhouse landscape. We grabbed our cameras and gave it a go.

A heart for crops

Although CropScience employees work hard behind the scenes, the crops in the Bayer greenhouse look peaceful and quiet. Our goal? To bring the dynamism of the company’s activities into its greenhouse. We alternated dramatic float cam shots and close-up footage of the greenhouse with dynamic images of CropScience employees at work. We mixed it all together in a crisp and modern edit, and carefully selected a tune to go with it. All that to convey exactly what it is that makes Bayer CropScience unique: its team of specialized, hardworking and committed people, and its heart for crops.

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