Space, the final frontier

Interactive installations for the UAE Space Agency visitor center.

UAE Space Agency

As the UAE is taking its first steps into space, a brand-new visitor center was set up to educate the regional audience and promote the ambitious space program. The Space Agency asked us on board to make a fascinating story come alive in seven interactive installations.

A journey into space requires out-of-this-world technologies. VR, object recognition, interactive tables, transparent touchscreens and even a 360 AI virtual storyteller: it all came together into an exhilarating experience, sure to inspire a wide audience of youngsters, space enthusiasts, and industry professionals.

Always wanted to look out of the ISS observation cupola, or assemble your own satellite? Here is your chance. You can even stand on Mars or explore different parts of the solar system in our multi-player VR holodeck, the first of its kind in the Middle East!

Space agency G1
Space agency G2
Space agency G3
Space agency G4

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