An app that simulates to educate

This mobile training app puts a compressor room controller in a tablet.

Atlas Copco

For Atlas Copco we created an interactive simulator in Showpad, a presentation platform often used to streamline and pool digital presentation materials. The HTML5 content mimics the behavior of a compressor controller. Several scenarios can be selected to train employees and sales staff on how to operate the system, without having to build a full-scale installation.

Guided training

The simulator offers hands-on proactive and reactive training scenarios. Both types involve performing checks and simple tasks. Short statements point users in the right direction, while leaving enough room to explore the menu and functions of the device.

Structured test

The Showpad platform also enabled us to include tests consisting of tasks that have to be completed within a specified time. At this stage, there is no guidance and users have to find their way around the menu based on everything they have learned in the training part.

Free play

Proving the versatility of this solution, the simulator we built also allows users to freely navigate the replica interface. System settings can be changed at will to enable users to fully familiarize themselves with the controlling device.

Sales potential

Apart from its educational value, the training app can also be used as a sales tool, enabling sales representatives to quickly show potential buyers what the system’s benefits are.

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Our partnership with Showpad offers you the best of both worlds: the expert in creative B2B communications & a powerful selling tool that allows you to analyze what is most effective.
Our focus at B·U·T is to take your pitch to the next level, and beyond. We create custom (interactive) presentation assets that will wow your prospects and leave a lasting impression.

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