Futuristic tech wows trade fair visitors

We created a grand vision of the future.


If you’re a telecom company and one of the world’s leading tech events takes place on your home turf, that’s enough reason to pull out all the stops. That’s Etisalat at Gitex 2015!

The added value of technology

Having worked with Etisalat on their previous Gitex stands, the Emirati telecom company turned to us once more for a mind-blowing interactive show. One of our key tasks was to provide creative direction for the user experience of the Etisalat stand to reinforce the company’s brand perception. We also conceived and produced all interactive installations, including video and animated content. Each installation demonstrated how technology may add value to the lives of ordinary people, giving visitors a chance to feel the pulse of the future. And as we all know, the future is smart.

Meaningful applications

Covering home, health, shopping and leisure activities, the user experiences showcased applications for a host of modern technologies, including proximity and pressure sensors, real-time 3D animations in 4K, responsive advertising, multi-user interfaces, motion control, smart scans and more. An Internet of Things (IoT) command center was made to demonstrate the connectivity and integration of the entire Etisalat stand.

Total immersion

Whereas most user experiences tend to be fragmented, the Etisalat stand succeeded in delivering a truly immersive experience. The stand was framed by many LED screens in combination with a kinetic LED ceiling, for which we developed the dynamic content. We made sure that the overall look and feel was in line with the interactive experiences.

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