Not your average webinar

Why don't we disguise the product launch as an online sailing odyssey?

Atlas Copco

One of our most ambitious projects in recent years is this product launch webinar. The challenge was to convey key product features and create an interesting webinar to retain the attention of Atlas Copco’s global internal audience. To align the webinar with previous communications, we had to reuse the theme of sailing.

We structured the extensive input and turned it into a basic storyline. During the following 5 months we honed the script, interviewed key players, filmed bumper videos, designed a virtual control room, and created a virtual webcast environment. Taking into account Atlas Copco’s technical requirements we created a comprehensive webinar concept and added numerous interaction moments at which the audience was asked to answer questions or direct the course of the webinar.

The webinar was staged 3 times for as many different time zones, featuring a mix of live video streamed from a green key studio in Belgium and prerecorded clips and animations. Our own real-time direction and support was available to mitigate issues if they arose. The result was a successful online product launch, with the added benefit of a significantly reduced environmental impact compared to traditional on-site product launch events.

Atlas Copco webinar composition 2
Atlas Copco webinar PC
Atlas Copco webinar screens

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