Immersive experience centers

Innovation or demo centers offer a unique opportunity to impress visitors and stakeholders with your company and products or services. We create the high end content and deploy the latest technologies to give your visitor an unforgettable experience.

A unique interaction

Unlike trade fairs or conferences, your corporate visitor or demo center can capture the visitor's full attention. No distractions from competitors, no information overload. It's exclusive 'quality time' that you need to spend wisely. Informing the visitor, creating trust and leaving a lasting impression.

Immersing your visitor

The experience centers that we create make use of the most advanced technology to let the visitor become part of your corporate world. A world where he can interact with your products or services and see them in action, pay virtual visits to manufacturing sites or R&D labs, ask questions to AI assistants, hear what customers have to say...

Telling your story with technology

Our motto is 'first the what, then the how'. For every message you want to bring, for every story you want to tell, we design the right concept and the technology to match. Consistently and in line with your corporate identity.
We deploy the most recent techniques. From interactive and 360 video, multitaction tables and transparent screens, hand or body controlled experiences, AR and VR to AI virtual assistants and multi-person immersive gamification... Your visitor will have the time of his life... and will instantly become your best ambassador.