A user-friendly sales tool for the chemicals industry

Showcasing innovative solutions for a global leader in specialty chemicals and performance materials.

Cabot Corporation

We created a sales tool for Cabot to show their solutions in an engaging, educational and easy to use way.

With the use of animations, build-ups and transitions, we built a tool which can be used both on Showpad and online. Users can navigate through the Cabot city, country and sea sceneries by tapping and selecting the multiple elements that are present. In addition, call to action and lead generation links are embedded.

Have a look at the online version at cabotworld.cabotcorp.com.


Our partnership with Showpad offers you the best of both worlds: the expert in creative B2B communications & a powerful selling tool that allows you to analyze what is most effective.
Our focus at B·U·T is to take your pitch to the next level, and beyond. We create custom (interactive) presentation assets that will wow your prospects and leave a lasting impression.

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