Carbon is the new black teaser video

Tell everyone that carbon has finally arrived in the passenger vehicle universe.


When Borealis and Borouge launched several new carbon reinforced PP compounds for passenger vehicles at a competitive price, it was a big deal. So big that it deserved to be put in the spotlight and that’s where we came in.

Curious about carbon?

We produced a 3D teaser animation for Borealis and Borouge’s website dedicated to automotive grades: Driving Tomorrow. With an e-mail campaign the target audience was invited to watch a teaser animation, which shows traditional applications for recognizability and highlights the qualities of carbon for cars against a sleek black setting. We also designed and produced a USB flash memory stick with the well-known carbon fiber pattern. The memory device was shipped to a select audience in a stylish box fit for a jewel and contained documentation on Borealis and Borouge’s new carbon grades. To complement the notion of exclusivity we created a ‘certificate’ for each memory stick alluding to its provenance. The certificate also highlighted the key aspects of the new grades to increase people’s curiosity.

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