Digital wizardry at ADIPEC

An interactive showcase for the oil and gas industry.

ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company)

For several years, ADNOC - the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company - has partnered with B·U·T to create digital content for their exhibition booth at ADIPEC, the world’s largest oil and gas event. Each year, they expect us to impress and engage their audience.

For this edition, the stand was divided in sections, representing various ADNOC divisions. Each section was fitted with a tailor-made interactive presentation.

The result was a showcase of the latest display technologies (including transparent OLED screens) and interactive and multi-taction tables.

They were controlled by hand, joystick, touchpad, object recognition… you name it, we programmed it. But the real driver behind the technology was our vision to ensure the perfect match between form and content, telling each part of the story in the most effective way.

Judging by the number of selfies taken at the Murban Exchange LED display, this was the favorite eye-catcher, with its Puffer Sphere adding a touch of the three-dimensional.

Detail 04
Detail 01
Detail 03

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