Interactive wall lets services shine

Bringing out the added value of services in a world where big iron rules.


After the success of the Technology Wall and VR experience we made for Caterpillar at Bauma, they asked us to apply our creativity to their services portfolio for Conexpo.

Abstract matter

Promoting services in an industry dominated by big iron is a challenge, because their benefits depend on specific circumstances. And since trade fair visitors have a limited attention span, we needed to direct them to the services they’d be most interested in fast.

Laying the foundation

As with the Technology Wall, the purpose was to provide conversation starters and plant a seed in people’s minds during a short and targeted interaction. We structured the services along focus areas and interests, with any combination resulting in 5 relevant services at most. This enables a CAT stand worker to engage visitors in a minimum number of steps, tailored to their experiences.

Tangible and dynamic

Selecting a service reveals 3 options: benefits, an animation and sample reports. Each animation explains how a service works based on tangible aspects. A dynamic menu ties all the components together and even provides an alternative starting point based on the level of support.

Long-distance pull

To draw interest, we made 5 life-size animations that run in a continuous loop. Combining green key shoots with 3D animations we created 4 recognizable work environments, complete with teaser statements to raise curiosity. The other animation puts the wall in the context of the CAT Connect framework.

In addition to the new wall, we created versions for iPads and tablets that are available in the App Store and Google Play. We also updated the content of the existing Technology wall, which was also used at Conexpo. The Technology VR experience we created for Bauma was a big hit in Las Vegas too.

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