Larger than life CT event

The three-yearly Compressor Technique event dazzles, informs and excites

Atlas Copco

Every 3 years, Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique business area organizes a 3-day conference to update their global leaders and business line managers on the latest products, strategies and targets. As in the previous editions, we had the privilege of being the main content provider for the event, in collaboration with an event agency and technical partner.

We came up with the event theme (Rise to the Occasion), the event logo, key visuals and the overall design. We provided all content for projection on the huge screens in the event lobby and in the venue, which had an enormous 68 x 6,5 meter projection screen encircling the whole audience.
For the high-powered dance acts that boosted the energy level in between presentations, we created 3D animations and motion capture.

This edition won the award in the B2E category of the annual Belgian Event Awards.

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