Leap Motion controlled videos

Gesture control makes for an interactive and engaging experience.

This is one of several projects we did for the 2014 World Future Energy Summit exhibition of Abu Dhabi’s Regulation and Supervision Bureau (RSB), aimed at creating an immersive visitor journey.

To put the spotlight on RSB’s influence from the break of day until the dead of night, we created three booths with short, interactive movies that WFES visitors could control using a Leap Motion controller. This is how we delivered three informative and engaging experiences that create awareness while avoiding the sense of a corporate infomercial.

Intuitive and interesting

We kept the gesture controls simple, relying on intuitive hand movements only. A simple clockwise and counterclockwise scrub allows users to fast forward or rewind each movie clip. Up and down reveals additional information. For a good sound experience we installed directional speakers that produce a narrow, but long-range sound throw without generating background noise. Great for booth users and for attracting a steady stream of curious visitors.

RSB kinect controlled video booths
RSB kinect controlled video screen

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