Multitouch table with object recognition

When the global real-estate elite comes to town, you cannot take half measures.

Nakheel is one of Dubai’s most prominent real estate developers. So when it was time for the annual Cityscape Global exhibition, Nakheel asked for an innovative visitor experience that would underscore their leadership.

We designed and built a comprehensive digital user experience for the booth, including LED screen animations, touchscreens and a multitouch table with object recognition.

The touch screen applications allowed visitors to explore over 200 Nakheel properties in Dubai. A digital map contains location information, pictures and videos of each location. The map itself is made up of 419 high resolution tiles and allows users to navigate to a location using a virtual 3D camera.

The table was a MultiTaction screen that supports multiple touch interactions as well as object recognition. Plexiglas disks were created for each newly launched property. Placing a disk on the surface of the table activates the vertical screen content and highlights the relevant location on the table. A dial menu then appears from which the user can access pictures, facts and videos about the property. By rotating the Plexiglas disk, the user can intuitively navigate the menu.

Nakheel multitaction table at Cityscape wide

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