3D animated filters in their habitat

If you make service parts or consumables for big machines, it helps if you can associate them with a big name.


Donaldson wanted to help raise the visibility of two filters that they specifically make for Mercedes Actros trucks. The medium that we proposed was a 3D animation.

The heart of the matter

The power of associating your products with big names is something to be reckoned with. So being allowed to show an Actros truck was a real bonus, because it immediately establishes the scope and application of the product the animation is trying to sell. Exploiting the 3D format to its full benefit, we created several shots that simply cannot be filmed.

We dug into the truck to show the location of the Donaldson filters, eliminating any room for confusion about its application. We also created microscopic 3D close-ups to explain the filters’ USPs. Although that may sound intricate, the end result is still an animation with very little frills - as straightforward as a trucker, you might say.

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