2D/3D animation

From a high end logo animation to entire 3D worlds, from a technical animation of machinery to a conceptual infographic of a corporate strategy, we create diverse business related animations that enlighten, inform, teach, explain or simply show off… In two or three dimensions.

The extra dimension

Over the years, our 3D animation team has built a solid reputation in a broad spectrum of 2D/3D animations, ranging from highly technical animations, explaining the inner workings of equipment or simulating processes, over virtual product or factory tours, to highly creative and wildly artistic virtual worlds. They manage to add a creative touch to even the most technical subject matter, and always with a polished and professional appearance.

3 D animation services talking compressors
3 D animation services Ruwais plant

Tools of the trade

Computer animation is a very specialized skill that involves modeling, lighting, texturing, animation, rendering and compositing. Each step requires knowledge, talent and high-end software tools. Our animation teams deploy fast workstations, sophisticated 3D software and plugins and an extensive render farm to speed up calculations. All these investments have only one goal: to deliver the most impressive animated sequences your audience has ever seen.

The full picture

2D/3D animations are often an ingredient in broader projects. Integrated as a sequence in interactive applications, ​in augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR) projects or in high-end corporate videos. Because of our one-stop-shop and cross-media approach, all these types of projects are carried out under one roof, guaranteeing consistent quality, not just in the 3D animation, but throughout the total production.


Related technologies

Metaverse world creation

We design your tailor-made corporate metaverse, ready for use in VR and MR, or in Mesh or similar virtual spaces.

Graphics design

We conceptualize and design professional graphics for cross-media use in a consistent and stylish look.

PowerPoint (re)design

We add great value to every PPT, with high-end graphics, interaction and audio/video integration.

All technologies