Connectivity advantages explained in 3D

Caterpillar connectivity can anticipate service needs, avoid downtime and improve site efficiency.



We wanted to give the 3D animation a dark, glowing look. The yellow refers to the Caterpillar branding and the wireframe-like visuals match the lines symbolizing the connectivity between machines, job sites and the internet of things.

Caterpillar connectivity mood G0


Caterpillar wanted to express the advantages of connecting everything, even competitor's machines. The overall efficiency of the whole site greatly benefits in terms of asset management, fuel costs, reliability and maintenance. The storyboard captured that idea in 3D visual proposals.

Caterpillar connectivity creation G1


As we have done lots of work for Caterpillar before, we could re-use and optimize some of the 3D machine models from previous projects. The quarry, the landscapes and the globe were created from scratch, in line with the approved mood boards. 3D operators were included in some of the scenes to add the human touch.

Caterpillar connectivity creation G2
Caterpillar connectivity creation G3


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