Energetic stereoscopic 3D movie

A rich 3D learning experience about the life cycles of water and power.

RSB (Regulation & Supervision Bureau)

This is one of many projects we did for the World Future Energy Summit exhibition of Abu Dhabi’s Regulation and Supervision Bureau (RSB), aimed at creating an immersive visitor journey.
RSB wanted to offer visitors a rich visual learning experience about the life cycles of water and power in Abu Dhabi.

Starting from the motto ‘Be the particle’, we produced three short 3D stereoscopic movies in which the RSB audience is taken on a rollercoaster journey - flying through cables, pipes, taps and drains. Seeing how water is desalinated and electricity is generated, never looked so good.

RSB stereoscopic particle 3
RSB stereoscopic particle 2

Truly cinematic

Water, waste water and electricity were the respective subjects of the 3-minute movies. By switching frequently between close-ups and wide angle shots, we created a dynamic journey. And to deliver a true modern cinema experience we added surround sound to each movie.

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