Experiencing the smart network

VR, AR and a touchscreen game at Living Tomorrow.

Living Tomorrow

Smart street lights that limit their output when there is no traffic. Smart sewers that facilitate rain water management, addressing some of the challenges of climate change. Pie in the sky? Not at all! You can see it with your own eyes at the Living Tomorrow innovation platform in Brussels.

Fluvius lets you experience technologies that are possible today and will shape our future. Take a ride on a scooter through a night-time street, be careful not to get your feet wet in the virtual sewer and go on a guided tour inside a wind turbine. Fans and vibrating elements make for an even more compelling experience!

While visitors wait their turn, they can discover the advantages of the digital electricity meter with a fun AR-visit to various buildings in a residential area. Find out how the digital meter can help us save energy and make our lives easier!

How to better renovate, or ‘benovate’? Challenge a friend to play the game and spot all the opportunities to make a house more energy-efficient. The game interface consists of two vertical touchscreens, set up to look like windows allowing you a peek into the various rooms. Be quick to find all the ways to make the inhabitants’ lives more comfortable!

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