Farming of tomorrow 3D experience

Living Tomorrow and Boerenbond take visitors back to the future.

Living Tomorrow

Living Tomorrow aims to connect visitors with the future. For a collaboration with Boerenbond, the Belgian farmers union, the Brussels-based innovation center built an installation focused entirely on agriculture. They asked us to create the digital screen content: a clear and structured 3D voyage through the different technologies of the future that will revolutionize farming.

Flipping through the agricultural landscape

If you want to show people the future, you can’t just print a brochure. That is why we decided to showcase the impressive opportunities of the agriculture industry in five compelling 3D animations. A guide walks visitors through the installation, controlling the animations on the 4K screen with a remote control iPad. The Boerenbond installation is part of a 5-year expo at Living Tomorrow. It will be visited by an estimated 500,000 visitors.

Boerenbond 3D animation

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