Immersive animation shows future

We created a 360° stereoscopic glimpse on what service will look like in several years.

Atlas Copco

Every few years, the Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Service Division looks ahead at how they see the future of service. Our job was to capture that vision in an immersive experience.

To emphasize the futuristic nature of what they wanted to convey, Atlas Copco asked us to create a 360° stereoscopic animation, packaged in a dedicated app. It can be watched on any available VR device, enabling Atlas Copco stakeholders to experience the future of service up close and personal. The fact that the animation is stereoscopic, allows viewers to see depth for a richer and more engaging experience.

We created an abstract and polished 3D animation to take viewers into a future based on data capturing and data mining. Along the journey, the narrator explains key elements of Atlas Copco’s vision, helping to get everyone on board. Subsequently, we embedded the animation in a purpose-built mobile app, ready for the launch at an internal event, where every visitor also received an Atlas Copco branded cardboard VR viewer.

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