On rust and robots cartoon animation

Our dear robot educates workers on the dangers of insulated rust.


BASF Antwerp regularly organizes a ‘Time Out For Safety’ meeting to instruct employees on a specific safety aspect. As part of this initiative, BASF’s Quality Service department wanted to inform employees on the potential dangers of corrosion under insulation.

Instead of bombarding them with more PowerPoint slides, BASF opted for a fun, appealing and above all instructional animation. A story of course cannot do without a hero, and so we conceived the female robot ROESNIE (which sounds like the Dutch words for ‘no rust’).

Made from steel and insulation herself, ROESNIE guides the viewers through the dangers of corrosion under insulation. Combining to-the-point information with fun visuals prolongs viewers’ attention span and notably increases their content retention. This goes to show that talking about rust is not necessarily a rusty affair.

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