A virtual experience from around the world

Digital exhibitions ensure a virus-proof visit.


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations, based in Geneva. It provides global services to 193 member countries and shapes international IP rules and policies. After a first virtual exhibition on the use of Artificial Intelligence to protect IP, WIPO decided to host another exhibition on the theme of 'Geographical Indications Around the World'.

But the Corona virus thwarted the plans and WIPO, like many other organizations, contacted us for a digital alternative to the physical exhibition.

We took 360° pictures of the exhibition areas in one of the WIPO buildings, to serve as the skeleton of the digital twin.

This 3D space was then beautified and equipped with digital booths. Each of these booths offered various types of content such as videos, testimonials, text, images, games etc., all combined into a fun and instructive experience for both desktop and mobile devices.

The platform was built in such a way that future digital exhibitions can be efficiently created, replacing the booths with new content.

The latest virtual exhibition on 'Geographical Indications Around the World' is available in 6 languages and can be visited at https://wkcexhibitions.wipo.int/gi/.

WIPO 360 video shoot

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