A video slider app to compare visibility

Enabling your audience to see the difference for themselves is the quickest way to turn them into believers.

DuPont de Nemours

DuPont asked us for a way to allow their target audience to compare the improved visibility of the new hi-vis coverall with that of reusable alternatives. A slider video framed in a tablet app did just the trick.

We created an app that shows a movie about workers in low visibility environments. What makes the app stand out is that the screen is divided in two. Viewers can pull a vertical dividing line left or right to see the worker wearing a DuPont coverall on one end, and an alternative on the other end. This allows viewers to see the difference in visibility offered by the two competing products in specific conditions.

The slider film app is an effective way for DuPont to interact with their target audience. Essentially, the fun slider film experience makes people more receptive to the dry product details and benefits, which are offered to them following the film. So the app is more than a gimmick, it’s a sales and branding tool. Be sure to check out the iOS or Android version for yourself.

To capture the visibility difference, we filmed three actors twice in our green key studio performing the same actions while wearing the two different outfits. We then added a quarry, a railyard and a road construction site in the background to create the illusion of real location filming.

To increase the product exposure, we also animated a non-interactive version of the slider app experience for DuPont’s dedicated Tyvek® channel on Youtube. In addition, stills from the videos we shot were used on several DuPont websites.

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