The perfect sales companion app

No more browsing page after page, looking for the info that can close the deal...

Nvent Thermal

Pentair sales staff used to go into a meeting with a thick and cumbersome sales book. Pentair asked us if there was a better way. ‘There sure is!’ we replied.

Sales tool 3.0

Pentair’s sales people also each happened to have an iPad at their disposal, the perfect platform for the interactive sales tool we had in mind. To make sure the sales tool was a step-up, we didn’t just transfer the book’s content, but curated, converted and structured it to fit a smart and intuitive app. We also reworked the graphics to align them with the Pentair look & feel and integrated high resolution application images where necessary.

In addition to the intuitive structure, we included lots of shortcuts and cross references, allowing users to easily navigate to related information without having to go back to the main menu. And to facilitate technical discussions we also included PDF files which can be shared effortlessly. To top it off, we also made a version of the iPad tool that runs on the laptops of the sales people.

Nvent sales app G1
Nvent sales app G2
Nvent sales app G3
Nvent sales app G4

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