The proof is in the calculator

Comparing the costs of using genuine versus non-genuine spare parts.

Atlas Copco
AC genuine parts calculator ipad

When it’s time for service, the compressor owner faces a dilemma: do I invest in high-quality genuine parts or do I go for cheap ‘pirate’ parts? For Atlas Copco, this is a no-brainer: genuine parts are cheaper in the long run. But how to convince the customer?

By putting it to the test, with the calculator we developed. First, the customer is invited to set his operating parameters such as compressor power, electricity cost and running hours per year.

Next, a timeline shows the total cost of ownership of the compressor. Within weeks, the cost of using Atlas Copco spare parts dips under the cost of using alternatives, and the difference increases as you extend the reference period. Apart from savings in hard cash, the calculator also shows the reduction in CO2 emissions. The calculator allows you to see the overall effect or the difference for each individual spare part.


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