Interactive video on car part benefits

An interactive film about sustainable car plastics that engages the audience.


Innovative plastics make cars lighter and thereby reduce fuel consumption. Borealis is a leading provider of polyolefin grades for the automobile industry and wanted to draw attention to their achievements through multiple communications. Our assignment was very broad, ranging from a key campaign visual to testimonials, a campaign website, teaser videos and an interactive web-based game. Everything had to be tied to the Borealis motto ‘Driving Tomorrow’. We translated this motto into a key visual of a car that creates a vortex as it moves forward.

A core part of the campaign was the interactive web-based game, which we conceived and produced. In it, a couple drives towards tomorrow and is confronted with problems that the viewer has to solve. Along the game an expert explains the benefits of Borealis’s products and at the end Borealis and Borouge managers provide a testimonial. To incite curiosity and interest we produced a teaser that was distributed prior to the launch of the interactive film.

Borealis interactive video car parts cropped

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