Multilayer scientific product video

We found a quirky professor in a futuristic lab to do all the explaining.

DuPont de Nemours

Communicating complex, technical information in a convincing and understandable way is one of the major challenges of our trade. So why not let someone with street credibility have a crack at it? Someone like professor Tytonius?

We conceived the character of Tytonius for the sole purpose of explaining the benefits of DuPont’s Tyvek® fabric. In a series of fun and light-hearted videos Tytonius compares Tyvek® to alternative fabrics in the market.

We combined 3D animations, green key filming and After Effects to generate the high-tech lab environment that quirky professor Tytonius calls home. The videos clearly reflect DuPont’s industry leadership and were a big hit. In fact, DuPont was so satisfied that they decided to let Tytonius spearhead their entire Tyvek® campaign.

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