The sustainable video connection

Breezing from wind farm to cable production to home.


Borealis came to us for a film about their new advanced plastic compound for more powerful HVDC cables, which are often used to transport sustainable energy over long distances. The film had to show the impact of this innovation on the end consumer, marrying factual product achievements with the benefits for society.

A breeze of energy

We translated the Borealis theme of ‘Bringing Energy All Around’ into a visual ‘breeze of energy’, reminiscent of other Borealis media. This breeze unfreezes an ordinary family who are using an electrical appliance, implying that without power, their lives wouldn’t be as convenient. Then the breeze travels to a cable plant to provide visual proof of the product’s application, while the voice-over continues to explain its benefits. At the end, we return to the family who now enjoy an uninterrupted supply of sustainable power, thanks to the new Borealis technology.

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