Video introduces big data service

Outlining DataSpark's solution to unlocking big consumer data.


DataSpark, a subsidiary of SingTel, requested us to produce a video to present their cutting-edge DataSpark Geoanalytics platform. This system gathers and anonymizes massive amounts of real-time telecom information and combines it with consumer profiles to offer meaningful insights.

Bringing big data into the picture

We chose to visualize the scale of available mobile phone data, because it makes the solution that DataSpark offers very tangible. We used lots of images of consumers on the streets of Singapore, Jakarta and Manila, using their phones, shopping, eating, or just going from one place to the next, to visualize that DataSpark uses vast amounts of real-time location and time information.

As the voice-over explains the opportunities offered by big data consumer analytics, animated screenshots of the Geoanalytics dashboards show how the information is presented and how it provides advanced insights.Throughout the video we show the three perspectives that Geoanalytics offers: by population segment, by location and one about the impact of large events. This is how we paint a comprehensive picture of this unique solution that enables small, medium and large businesses to make informed decisions.

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