Videos X-ray new products

A series of product videos for Agfa HealthCare sales reps.

Agfa Healthcare

Mobile, floor-mounted, ceiling-mounted… Agfa HealthCare X-ray equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. We helped Agfa HealthCare get their point across by backing up their sales representatives with a series of short and to-the-point videos.

Short and sweet

Each 20 to 30-second video shows a number of unique product features that set Agfa HealthCare products apart. The result? A series of short and sweet feature videos that focus on the added value of Agfa HealthCare’s X-ray equipment. The snippet videos were optimized for use on tablets and other mobile devices, so that Agfa sales representatives can access them at any point during the sales process to illustrate product applications. The perfect fit for today’s fast-paced sales environment!

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