Product video opens a new window

To support the launch of a new window solution, we created a product animation that brings out the best!

Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium asked us to create a short product launch video for their new Slim Line 38 window solution. It had to be an atmospheric video that focused on conveying the versatile applications of this new system.
Since Reynaers’ systems allow more light to enter, we decided to use the notion of light to set the tone. The animation then transitions to a 3D cutaway of the Slim Line 38 system to introduce the product and reveal its unique internal composition.

From static to dynamic

We illustrated the wide range of applications of the Slim Line 38 system with high-quality images of real-life construction projects. Using close-ups and by panning across the images, we gave these static images a dynamic feel. By applying a checkered visual motif on the images, we aligned the animation with other Reynaers communications and improved its recognizability. To make sure the most important arguments will stick, we wrapped up the animation with several 3D product shots to convey the key selling points of the new system.

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