Interactive experiences at MWC Barcelona

When STC called upon our services, we made sure visitors were literally in control of their experience.

STC (Saudi Telecommunications Company)

One installation uses a two-armed Yumi robot from ABB to explain the blazing speed improvement of 5G over 4G. As a visitor, you are invited to pick up your giveaway using the robot arms – controlling one arm at 4G reaction speed, the other at 5G. Guess what, 5G must be your lucky (ch)arm!

A second installation explains STC’s global reach and highlights the different IoT technologies offered to the market. A huge LED screen allows visitors to navigate in a virtual world, using HTC Vive controllers. They can explore several IoT scenarios in typical STC markets such as Riyadh, Mekkah, Kuwait or Bahrain.

A multitaction table depicts a city model with tangible flags in between the buildings. Picking up a flag and putting it in a dedicated area, triggers the virtual camera of the mega-screen, to fly to the location in the 3D world, showing off the ins and outs of the IoT application.

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