Interactive installations

We put your customer in control in trade fair booths, experience centers, commercial areas or training environments. Not only heightening the experience, but delivering usage information that traditional channels can not offer. We rely on a broad spectrum of interaction technologies and context aware software, presenting your products and services in a unique and exciting way.​

Point, touch, wave or speak

Having your customers engage with your products was mostly associated with touch or mouse actions. Today, Kinect, Leap, RealSense and image processing technologies allow your visitor to interact contactless. With gestures, voice, motion or other sensors. We can consult on the hardware and build the software.

RSB kinect game
Virtual mall

The kiosk with a plus

Add some spice to the presentations on exhibitions or in your reception area. Our interactive team can design kiosks and booths that allow the visitor to interact with your products, be it real or in 3D, calling out information and technical data, watching testimonial or product videos and browsing typical applications.

Innovation as a mindset

We take pride in being at the forefront of technology. We integrate devices that are hot off the press, or not even released officially yet. Because we know you want to wow your visitors and you want to go where no one has gone before.

Multitaction table
Interactive services tour guide

Involving the visitor

Interaction is not limited to traditional kiosk or desktop settings. We integrate the mobile world into your interactive presence. Allowing your customers to use their own devices to take control of the environment or the exhibits and products. Tablet or smartphone, we port your interactive application to every screen.


Related technologies

Augmented reality (AR)

We make a product, installation or object come to life with interactive multimedia content superimposed.

Virtual reality (VR)

We let your users interact with your company, products or services in your own corporate metaverse.

Mixed reality (MR)

We create location-aware experiences that combine reality with controllable holographic objects.

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