Gitex 2021 – never change a winning team

B·U·T and Etisalat – the future brought to you on a shiny platter.


Making Etisalat stand out again at Gitex: business as usual? Not in the least. Revealing crowd-dazzling technologies is a yearly challenge we are happy to meet.

In the 2021 edition, visitors could experience future living in our ‘transformer room’: a living room with the most sophisticated home automation technologies, an immersive around-the-room theatre experience and a robotic assistant feeding you snacks on the spot.

No need to leave the premises for a smart health check-up, with the holofan health scanner spilling your guts and the nReal AR experience making you play around with virtual organs.

All of this while a magnificent LED show depicted 3D mapped desert, space and city scapes.

Once again the Etisalat stand was lit!

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