Experiencing the new working environment

A virtual walk-through of the future workplace.


The Procos Group was creating a state-of-the-art working environment for the new Microsoft Belux HQ at Brussels Airport. They wanted to give Microsoft co-workers a virtual preview, and so they called upon our expertise in all things VR.

Massive architectural 3D files, from room layouts down to the chairs or lamps, were integrated into a streamlined 3D version of the premises. As there were no plans or models of the surroundings, we took scores of pictures and processed them with photogrammetry to recreate the correct views from all the windows.

The virtual tour was configured for Windows MR headsets. Navigation is extremely flexible: walk around freely, through reactive sliding doors, up or down the stairs or use elevators. Reconfigure meeting rooms or watch a movie in the cinema from any seat. Select a location on a scale model and get tele-ported to that area.

A lot of effort went into beautifying the 3D space with the right textures and lighting, to convey the warmth of the Procos design, blending high-tech IoT with a homely atmosphere to foster open-source collaboration between Microsoft team members, customers and partners.

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