VR drives laminated glass home

A virtual driving experience teaches about high-tech products.


In the driver's seat

It all began… with a test drive, giving us a first-hand experience of the SEKISUI S-LEC solutions for laminated car glass. This jump-started the ideas on how to tell the story to a large audience. The concept was to create an immersive driving sequence, displaying 360 video footage from within a 3D car interior. The first part of the drive shows actual S-LEC applications: driver interface technology, safety features and protection from UV light, heat and sound. In the second part, the car transforms into a futuristic model, highlighting Sekisui’s vision for the future.

Sekisui glass VR driver seat
Sekisui glass VR driver seat render
Sekisui glass VR car

The car

Visitors to the Sekisui exhibition stand were invited to board a physical car, tailored to fit the technologies needed for the experience: sensors to track the viewer’s position, a laptop to run the application and overhead infrared lights to simulate heat on a sunny day. For maximum realism, special high-frequency traffic audio recordings were integrated into the sound track.

Virtual + Reality

The car was equipped with two Oculus Rift headsets, allowing two passengers to take the journey together while each enjoying an individual experience. Temperature from the infrared lights was controlled by an IoT controller. The integration of physical sensations at just the right moment in the story made the illusion come to life.

Sekisui glass VR virtual reality

Driving in 360

Serious scouting was needed to find neutral driving locations, to make worldwide viewers feel at home on the country roads and highways displayed in the VR Ride. An Insta360 camera was used to capture the footage. Dismantling a car was not part of the budget, so it took creative rigging to get the camera into the right positions.

Sekisui glass VR shoot

The event

After the premiere at the FISITA fair in India and Glasstec in Düsseldorf, the VR Ride continued its journey to China and across the world. Attracting visitors to the Sekisui stand, it made them experience for themselves how S-LEC technology enhances driver comfort. The success of this VR Ride has sparked rumors of a sequel in the near future.

Sekisui glass VR event

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