Rap to the rhythm of safety

Another year, another standard safety campaign. But not this year! Atlas Copco asked us to create an engaging safety video about personal protective equipment.

Atlas Copco

We convinced them that it was time to try something else. Why not a fun and catchy music video that will draw attention and linger in people’s minds? Yes, why not?

So we got to work writing the lyrics for a song. A professional musician then composed a fitting rap tune and put the finishing touches on the lyrics, making sure that Atlas Copco’s core message remained intact. A leading choreographer devised a dance routine for some background dancers, and we contracted a professional rap artist.

We shot the video in a green key environment in a large television studio, and added fun and light-hearted graphics to the mix. The result? A big hit! Check it!

It was so well received that it won an award at the Corporate Video Festival.

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